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The Crowd's Line

Creating off the chart engagement and driving sales conversions

What is The Crowd's Line?

We provide businesses with the perfect solution to help target sports oriented consumers through prediction contests.

Each campaign revolves around sporting events

The Crowd's Line

We utilize the world's most powerful marketing tool. Facebook.

1.9 B

Monthly active users

1.2 B

Daily active users

800 M

Game players

There are 5M businesses advertising on Facebook, but most do not know how to engage the platform's community.

The Crowd's Line adds tools on top of Facebook to scale, automate and create meaningful interactions among target consumers.

Monitoring / Analyzing

Take in and track predictions within Facebook comments

Natural Language Processor

Parse and understand predictions within Facebook comments

Facebook Chatbot

Send messages to contestants for future offerings

TCL Community Building Methodology

For contests and communication automation



Engage sports fans in their favorite sports



Integrate brand messaging into "lead" questions and results emails



Offer editorial content and free, instant value contests with small prizes that drive registrations



TCL has developed tools to automate the data gathering and scoring process

The Results

TCL builds communities over time and achieves conversion rates for brands that are through the roof



Facebook marketing





1,000 Predictions

via Facebook Comments

TCL will use its powerful tools to parse predictions in Facebook comments for scoring purposes and send invitations to the next branded contest via Facebook Messenger

200 Predictions

via the TCL Widget

Each email address will be sent a confirmation email and performance email both with branded imagery. Widget predictors will see branded images and messaging 6 times.

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This is a no work solution so that you can focus on more important things.

Running your business.

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